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Three ways to get involved

You can be part of solving environmental problems through research, education and environmental projects for the business. Mind the Microbes provides opportunities for individuals and organisations to participate actively in achieving the United Nations' sustainable development goals.

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Scientist in the Lab

Basic research

If you are a researcher or organisation interested in microbial ecology, you can participate as a collaborator in our environmental microbiology projects. Write us and we will discuss how to be part of Mind the Microbes.

Gentle Stream

Applied science

If there is an ecosystem affected by pollution in your community, you can contact us and we will design together a strategy to recover environments using microorganisms.


Science for future

According to the latest IPCC report, we have 12 years to take action against climate change. Your organisation can sponsor research in microbiology related to greenhouse gases and contribute to a better future.

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Business Meeting


We have a team of experts who can give advice to promote the environmental and social responsibility of your company. With your support we will bring new technologies and new ways of thinking to all areas of business that impact the environment.

Team Meeting

Project design

Many companies are looking for strategies to generate less negative impact on the environment. We can design a project to solve specific problems of your organization. With this service we will work from the strategic planning to the execution and monitoring of the project.

Spring Branches

Carbon market

There is a business opportunity in the voluntary carbon market. With our experience we can support or structure projects for the reduction of greenhouse gases and sell carbon credits. This is a way that your business can promote environmental responsibility and have monetary gains.

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Boy Reading Tablet

Microbiologist for a day

 We offer environmental activities for schools, and groups of non-scientist. This activities enable people to learn about  the role of microbes in the environment and how we can use them to solve problems as waste disposal, water contamination and energy production.  


Advanced training

Mind the microbes designed courses in microbial diversity, bioinformatics and molecular biology for environmental samples. If you are are interested in to apply microbial community analysis in your profesional project, ask us about our trainings. We can customise our trainings based on your work goals.


Science communication

Mind the microbes has created a platform for scientists to communicate their research to a general public. Through a blog and social networks, we publish current relevant research to face environmental challenges. Write to tell us about your project and be part of our network of scientists for the environment.

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